Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville Florida

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

Like New Carpet Cleaning, INC.  is locally owned and has been serving Jacksonville for over 15 years. We offer a variety of services such as carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, and air duct cleaning. All of our cleaning products are safe for children and pets. All workmanship is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. We are licensed and fully insured for your protection. Please call us for a free consultation.

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville

Hiring our local Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning Company is a pleasant surprise when compared to hiring a corporate chain company to service your home. One thing our customers find to be the greatest difference is our friendly personal service.

With Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville you’ll never get a technician who is rushed to get through the job because he has 7 more houses to clean today. We take the time to clean your carpet right, the first time. Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville is a way of life for us. We look at our clients as relationships and not just another carpet cleaning job. We don’t use high pressure sales tactics, or try to sell you something you don’t need.

Our prices are less than the big named chain carpet cleaning companies, and we strive to build long term relationships with our clients. Our client retention rate is way above the national average for all carpet cleaning companies, especially the big chain carpet cleaning corporations. We have to work harder to compete with the big chain’s huge advertising spending. We value all of our clients and want you to use us again and again and trust us enough to refer us to your friends, without worrying about tarnishing your friendship.

Warning! Watch these videos before calling any carpet cleaning company

NO “BAIT and SWITCH” with Like New Carpet Cleaning !

Carpet Cleaning Bait & Switch Ads Broken Down For You:

Unfortunately there are quite a few unethical Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning Companies. Although the majority of companies are honest, there are some that make it their business practice to scam the consumer.

You will find coupons that offer unbelievable prices, and look like they are from a reputable carpet cleaning company. The problem begins when they get to your home. The price will dramatically change. There is no way a reputable company can operate profitably selling its services below the cost of doing business. These “Bait & Switch” companies usually have no intention of leaving your home with the advertised amount.

Even if you choose not to use Like New Carpet Cleaning, please use this information so you don’t get ripped off by an unethical “Bait & Switch” artist.

Preconditioning Scam

One way they try to get you and raise the price is by adding/selling you preconditioning. Most legitimate companies include this in their pricing. We do. That low price they offered probably didn’t include it. It may have been $5 per room to clean it with water only but pre-conditioning will cost you an additional 25 cents per square foot. Considering an average room size of 150 square feet, that would be $37.50 per room – extra. So a 5 room home would go from the advertised carpet cleaning price of $25 to $212.50. Quite a difference. What if you just refuse to pay for the pre-conditioning? Chances are pretty good you will get a substandard cleaning or a rush job. It doesn’t end there, because there’s another way they can try to force you into paying for the pre-conditioning. They may offer to do a demonstration for you. This isn’t necessarily bad, many good carpet cleaning companies do demos. The “Bait and Switch” tactic will be to clean an section in a highly visible area. If you decide not to pay for the extra service, you will have an very clean spot in the middle of your carpet that will stick out like a sore thumb. By doing this they squeeze you in to paying the extra price.

 Protection Scam

Almost all carpet cleaning companies offer carpet protection at reasonable prices, and carpet protectors themselves are usually good products. This doesn’t become “bait and switch” until a company uses high pressure tactics. Customers may be told that their carpet will be ruined if they don’t have carpet protection applied. This is simply not true. Carpet Protection will certainly extend the life of your carpet and help prevent permanent stains, but you should never feel pressured into purchasing it.

Extra Room Scam

Another way for “Bait and Switch” companies to increase their bill is through extra room charges. If you use a coupon, you must read the fine print. Some companies will charge extra for rooms over 100 square feet of carpet, for example. It’s pretty hard to find a room in a typical home under that square footage, therefore the typical room will count as two and the typical living room or family room will count as three or even four rooms.
Warning! Watch these videos before calling any carpet cleaning company

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All of the Carpet Cleaning services provided by Like New Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville are performed with the utmost care and professionalism. Whether you have special carpet cleaning needs such as Pet Stain & Odor Removal, or you want to protect your carpet with Scotchgard Carpet Protection, we have you covered.

For basic Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning we have two services available.

For light to moderately soiled carpets, you may want to save money by using our VLM (Very Low Moisture)  Encapsulation Cleaning.. The IICRC Standard defines interim cleaning as: “a high production, fast drying cleaning process often used between regular restorative cleaning processes. This process is characterized as a light surface cleaning”.

For High Traffic, heavily soiled carpets, or if you have children or pets, your best choice is our 7-Step Deep Carpet Cleaning Process. Please click the links to find out more.

Whatever your Carpet Cleaning needs, Like New Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville can help.

We also promise, you will never have to deal with bothersome bait and switch, high pressure tactics if you choose Like New Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville,
operating in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area.


When you call the experts at Like New Carpet Cleaning  you can expect a staff of skilled professionals to come to your aid. Our proven record of experience and service means you can feel totally confident when you pick up the phone and contact us.

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